Puppy Preschool

House Training

House training can be very tedious. We will teach you key house training techniques that will effectively take the stress out of this dreaded task. 


Effective communication is the key to puppy training. Once you understand how dogs learn, you will be able to promote the desired behaviors in your puppy and discourage those that are unwanted. 


Our trainers will teach you how to properly introduce your puppy to people, objects, animals, and sounds. A properly socialized puppy will become a more social, confident, and fearless adult. Socialization training is one of the most important parts of puppy training. 

Crate Training

If a crate is introduced properly, a puppy will enjoy the privacy and security with having a den of their own.  The puppy can retreat when tired, stressed, or not feeling well. Preventing unwanted behaviors is also an added benefit to crate training a puppy. 

Puppy Handling

Without proper conditioning, handling can be over stimulating and stressful for a puppy. Our puppy training exercises will allow you to groom and handle your puppy with ease. 

Schedule Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool is designed for puppies between the age of 8-16 weeks. This puppy training program consists of three private lessons. This program will help prepare your puppy for formal obedience training once they reach four months of age. 

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